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Breakfast: Most Important Meal Of The Day Or Not?

I grew up being told that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. Maybe you did, too. I now know that that’s not necessarily true. If your morning...Continue Reading

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Exercise Benefits, Part 6: Why You Should Stretch

In the final part of this six-part series on the benefits of exercise, I’ll close with a discussion of what I close all my classes with: stretching. While it may...Continue Reading

Exercise Benefits, Part 5: Why You Should Do Yoga (Or Barre Or Pilates)

There are people out there who might be thinking, “Yoga? That’s not a workout.” I get it. I used to be one of those people. But as I’ve gained more...Continue Reading

Exercise Benefits, Part 4: Why You Should Do Intervals (If You Can)

I might be a bit of an anomaly (after all, I love burpees—and I don’t say that sarcastically; I truly love them), but I love HIIT (high-intensity interval training). I...Continue Reading

Exercise Benefits, Part 3: Why You Should Do Strength Training

I hate strength training. I fall solidly into the cardio camp. Give me an open trail and I’ll happily run for miles. Ask me to do burpees and you just...Continue Reading

Animals: Alive And Well

Despite what major news outlets would seem to be saying, not all aspects of the climate and environment are grim and falling apart. Thanks to some pioneering and hard-working environmentalists,...Continue Reading

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Exercise Benefits, Part 2: Why You Should Do Cardio

In all my years of teaching group fitness, I’ve found it to be pretty universally true that everyone falls into one—and only one—camp: you’re either a cardio person or a...Continue Reading

Science Of The Future—Today

When I watch movies like “The Avengers”, I’m always amazed by the advanced technology they depict. I think, “Man, that would be amazing!” But then I learn about the developments...Continue Reading

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