A Journey Of Joy

I might have a degree in psychology, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve always been good about practicing psychologically healthy behaviors. There’s a world of difference between knowing positive psychology...Continue Reading


Want To Be Healthier? Be Happier!

Researchers have known for years that people who are happy tend to be healthier than those who are less happy. But correlation doesn’t prove causation. It could be that they’re...Continue Reading

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Giving Purpose To Pain

When life gets you down, it can be hard to keep going. And it is important to take time to grieve and sit with your emotions, so don’t shortchange that...Continue Reading

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The Power Of Positivity

In recent years, the if-you-dream-it-you-can-do-it mentality seems to have taken hold strongly in our culture, and for good reason: there’s a lot of power in this kind of optimism, a...Continue Reading