Exercise Benefits, Part 6: Why You Should Stretch

In the final part of this six-part series on the benefits of exercise, I’ll close with a discussion of what I close all my classes with: stretching. While it may...Continue Reading

Exercise Benefits, Part 5: Why You Should Do Yoga (Or Barre Or Pilates)

There are people out there who might be thinking, “Yoga? That’s not a workout.” I get it. I used to be one of those people. But as I’ve gained more...Continue Reading

How To Reduce Your Risk Of Alzheimer’s

We are more than just our bodies; our minds are a huge part of who we are. And the two are connected: what we do affects our minds, and how...Continue Reading

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Exercise Benefits, Part 4: Why You Should Do Intervals (If You Can)

I might be a bit of an anomaly (after all, I love burpees—and I don’t say that sarcastically; I truly love them), but I love HIIT (high-intensity interval training). I...Continue Reading

How To Sustain Health Habits Even With A Busy Schedule

I get it: you’re busy; you have a lot of demands on your time; life gets in the way. Some days—heck, maybe most days—you hardly seem to have the time...Continue Reading

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Exercise Benefits, Part 3: Why You Should Do Strength Training

I hate strength training. I fall solidly into the cardio camp. Give me an open trail and I’ll happily run for miles. Ask me to do burpees and you just...Continue Reading

Exercise Benefits, Part 2: Why You Should Do Cardio

In all my years of teaching group fitness, I’ve found it to be pretty universally true that everyone falls into one—and only one—camp: you’re either a cardio person or a...Continue Reading

Science Of The Future—Today

When I watch movies like “The Avengers”, I’m always amazed by the advanced technology they depict. I think, “Man, that would be amazing!” But then I learn about the developments...Continue Reading

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